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Do You Remember?

Hurricane season in Hawaii is from June through November.  Are you prepared?  Click on this link for further information:

As of July 2016,  the last time a Category 4 hurricane hit Hawaii was Hurricane Iniki in 1992. When Hurricane Iniki struck Hawaii on September 11, 1992, it was the strongest to hit the state since Hurricane Iwa 10 years earlier. The eye of Iniki passed directly over the island of Kauai. By the time it was finished, Iniki caused six deaths and destroyed 1,400 homes. Hawaii sustained more than $1 billion in damage.

As of 2014, Hurricane Iniki is the strongest hurricane to have ever hit Hawaii in recorded history. The Hawaii Nurse article below is a powerful reminder of the role HNA nurses played in the this major disaster.


Mabel Smyth "Hawai'i's Florence Nightingale"

As the Hawai'i Nurses' Association prepares for our Centennial Celebration we are excited and humbled by taking a walk back in time. These are our roots and the foundation from which our collective efforts were born. See attached document below and enjoy this story about Mabel Smyth, “HawaiĘ»i’s Florence Nightingale”.

In Solidarity,


Hawai'i Nurses' Association 

OPEIU Local 50

Mabel Smyth "Hawaii's Florence Nightingale"