HNA Personnel


Maureen Meehan-Golonka

Vice President
Daniel Ross

Cheryl Lynn Miller

Marina Robinson


Director of Field Services
Jeffrey Bott - ext 119

Clinical Nurse Consultant
Daryl Hokoana - ext 161  


Labor Relations Specialists
Clarence Baijo - ext 111

Clifton Dobson - ext 160

Susan Hashimoto - ext 153

Sean Shields - ext 114


Membership Department
(808) 531-1628

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As a union member of an HNA/OPEIU Local 50 bargaining unit, nurses and health professionals throughout Hawai'i enjoy the power and protection of collective bargaining and collective action.

HNA/OPEIU Local 50 believes that healthcare professionals must be able to practice under terms and conditions which enable them to deliver the best possible patient care, and which provide them with the best possible rewards and opportunities for delivering it.

The right to organize a union is a protected activity under both state and federal laws. Once unionized, members create a democratic workplace. Through legally protected collective action and contract language, members have the power to secure benefits and working conditions that promote quality patient care and foster professional growth.

To assist healthcare professionals in achieving these goals,  HNA/OPEIU Local 50 provides the expertise of an experienced team consisting of internal legal counsel, labor relations specialists, RN Field Agents, and empowered Stewards acting as negotiators, advocates, and organizers, to help nurses in all facets of workplace advocacy: from advice on exercising their legal employment rights to negotiating and enforcing employment contracts, to building community and political support for nursing and patient care issues.

As a result of this activity, HNA/OPEIU Local 50 members are the highest paid nurses in the state and among the highest paid in the nation, with a host of industry-leading benefits and protections guaranteed by their union contracts.

***Please click on the "Inquiry Form" link under the ORGANIZING tab to submit any questions you may have regarding organizing***