Kapiolani Bargaining Update – 10/28/20

Today we had our fifth bargaining session with management. Here’s a summary of today’s events:

  • Management presented three proposals on professional development, clinical ladder development, and the preceptor program.
  • Senior Vice President of HPH Human Resources, Sunshine Topping, presented two slideshows on healthcare and retirement.
  • HNA Bargaining Team presented two counter proposals on a charge nurse subcommittee and the union security section.
  • Management presented three proposals on health plan coverage, retirement plans, and layoffs.
  • Health plan (double and family) premium increase over 3 years (currently, the company portion of your premium is 84%; in 1/2022 it will decrease to 82%, and by 1/2023, will decrease to 80%). There will be no changes to single premiums.
  • Freezing of employer 403(b) contributions starting first paycheck of January 2022.
  • Layoff language that includes a point system for “simplifying” the process for layoffs (NOT by seniority).

We have not agreed to any of these proposals at this time; we will review them as a team and have feedback for management at our next bargaining session.

Click on the google doc links below for:


Management Proposals



HNA Proposals



HNA Detailed Bargaining Session Notes



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